Partnering for social impact requires understanding social and cultural issues that influence attitudes, practices and buying behavior. It requires different distribution, marketing and financial systems, where cross-sector partnerships can add significant value.

Our partners expect us to have high ethical standards in everything we do. We are expected to not have any conflict between our own interests and our obligations to the communities we work with. All of our business partners comply with our Statement of Business Ethics and know and understand the standards the Statement promotes.

Our values are committed to good governance and transparent and accountable practices. Economic, environmental and social sustainability practices. Excellence, respect, integrity and making a difference. We act with integrity – consciously informed by a framework of core values and principles that are given consistent, practical effect.  Our consultants and project partners are accountable for their conduct, to be evaluated in the light of our Ethics Framework Policy. 

1. Fostering a collegial community based on mutual trust;
2. Respecting the intrinsic dignity of all persons;
3. Promoting equality of opportunity; (and)
4. Neither initiating nor colluding in harmful acts.


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