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Inform, inspire and influence the social and environmental impact of projects.

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.
— Margaret J. Wheatley


52 COMMUNITIES is our [plug-in] COMMUNITY CONSULTATION and STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT platform. ENGAGEMENT works best when it is an ongoing, cumulative process, enabling relationships and trust to build and strengthen over time. 52 COMMUNITIES is our consultation platform aligning with the UN CIRCLES OF SUSTAINABILITY. Our aim is to INFORM, INSPIRE and INFLUENCE project success through communication and knowledge sharing and project specific consultation needs. Communities and project groups can participate at a range of levels – from providing advice to CO-DESIGNING the process and data outputs, to undertaking some aspects of the engagement and delivering consultation feedback to influence project outcomes. 52 COMMUNITIES project provides a platform that enables our clients, stakeholders and communities to design and run their own community consultation and measure the social impact of programs and projects in their cities and communities, to redistribute the currency of their stakeholder needs and knowledge. Our community consultation, public participation, stakeholder management framework, includes a range of online services, providing a holistic approach that is fundamental to the successful implementation of any sustainable project seven (7) days a week and fifty two (52) weeks a year. Build an online DASHBOARD for your projects and plug in the data outputs from online surveys, workshop participation and feedback, conduct participatory budgeting and approvals, and to demonstrate the performance of your hold Post Occupancy Evaluations (POE) and benchmarking and evaluation of projects. Design and deliver your own engagement and influence decision makers, by quickly identifying the information that matters in order to produce the data outcomes that reflect a bottom-up approach to your co-ordinated consultation. The DASHBOARD communication tool is a powerful way to present data-based intelligence and MONITOR online PARTICIPATION. Embed your online participation, raise awareness and gain traction by aligning participatory democracy tools in your project, obtaining community buy-in will engage supporters, can generate media and provide evidence-based data to direct impact and influence decision makers.


SURVEYS & Workshops

Design and curate online workshops to inform the community. Select from pre-designed online workshops, or build your own workshop from standard question or upload your own workshop framework and generate open source mechanisms for sharing and exchanging information, knowledge and expertise. Insert and embed your online surveys from third-party platform providers into your campaign and align the data analysis with workshop outcomes. Obtain reach and scalability by providing surveys within your online workshops and increase the objectivity and accuracy of your consultation and engagement.


URBAN DESIGN FRAMEWORKS involve the generation of ideas and the preparation of design concepts based on consultation, research and analysis. Concepts illustrating how a future outcome will look should enable communication and testing with local stakeholders. Consultation is a key element to ensure the community support the strategic vision and subsequent project. Using our multiple online tool run options testing on the urban design, building density and landscape design and planning of strategic, cultural, social, heritage and economics of a project .

Participatory Budgeting

PARTICIPATORY BUDGETING is a process of democratic deliberation and decision-making, in which the community can decide how to allocate part of a municipal budget. It allows citizens to identify, discuss, and prioritise public spending projects, and gives them the power to make real decisions about how money is spent. The process is designed to involve those left out of traditional methods of public engagement and results in a more equitable public spending, greater transparency and accountability and citizenship learning.


BENCHMARK a project or a program by comparing  processes and performance metrics to industry best practice and global standards and support the selection, planning and delivery of projects. Identify processes, quality of outcomes and compare results. Create EVALUATION FRAMEWORKS to MEASURE and EVALUATE then DEMONSTRATE the long-term social impact or provide community members with the ability to influence the development and implementation of projects and services with the greatest impact on their lives.